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Boode Pacâ„¢ - Dual Wall PVC Screen

Boode PAC dual wall pvc screen consist of inner and outer concentrically aligned Select PVC screen which is joined and secured by upper and lower retaining rings.

Filter media is Quartz gravel or Glass beads, which are inserted between the two screens and sealed. A range of granular sizes is available to suit different drilling conditions. Boode Pac comes either factory prepacked or for contractor packing on location, if required.

Boode Pac can be installed to depths upwards of 600 metres. Easy to install, Boode Pac can reduce screen requirement, allowing optimum abstraction from smaller aquifers. Boode Pac screen is available in diameters from 32 mm to 630 mm.



Advantages of Boode Pac

  • Cost effective - smaller diameter needed to allow optimum abstraction from smaller aquifers
  • Increased collapse resistance
  • Use in conjunction with Boode Select Casing
  • Ease of installation
  • Can reduce bio-fouling and encrustation

Technical data:
for diameters and wall thicknesses please see PVC screen casing