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Water wells

Dedicated water supply for domestic, industrial, agricultural, municipal & humanitarian requirements

Construction dewatering

Deepwell dewatering systems are employed to lower groundwater levels to provide stable working conditions in excavations


The artificial application of water to land & soil, used to assist the growing of agricultural crops, maintenance of landscapes & revegetation of dry areas.

Groundwater recharge

Groundwater recharge is a process for sustainable groundwater management, defined as a downward flow of water reaching the water table and replenishing groundwater resources.

Site investigation

Site investigation is the gathering of information to a certain subsurface ground conditions.

Water intake system

Boode PVC Well Screen & Casing can be utilised as horizontal sea/river intakes (salt water or freshwater). The image shows a saltwater intake system for a desalination plant in Lithuania.

Geothermal Energy

(UTES / ATES systems)
UTES (Underground Thermal Energy Storage) and ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) systems provide heating in winter and cooling in summer to buildings, through heat exchangers, via the extraction of groundwater from boreholes drilled into natural underground layers where the heat and cold are stored.

The installed systems vary in depth from 30mts to 200mts+ in suitable geological formations, and can contribute to savings of up to 75% on current heating& cooling bills.

Advantages Geothermal Energy

- Renewable energy source
- Carbon emissions reduced by up to 60%
- Low risk proven technology
- Payback achievable in less than 5 years

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